Şimdi 7 Milyarız

We Are Now 7 Billion

by Umit Ozgercin on Tuesday, November 1, 2011 at 4:09pm

I read two days ago that the 7 Billionth child was born on the island of Jamaica in the town of Kingstoon. As I congratulate the parents and welcome the baby to this “wonderful world” of ours that we have created, I also look at the negative aspects of reaching the 7 billionth mark.

I have used the word “wonderful” as sarcasm, to mean that we actually created a horrible world at some parts, more than others… We have the most advanced technological gadgets and war machine and more to come but only to use it for the bad of the human race. As we continue to go on the path that we have chosen, we will ruin and destroy the human population and may be destroy the world as we know it today.

On one hand the leaders of the industrial giants such as USA, Japan, Korea, China, Germany, England and such contribute the well-being of the world the way they protect and preserve the nature and try to stop the piling of nuclear weapons, on the other hand they also disobey the very laws that they have implemented and break them regularly in front of the whole world.

Let us ask ourselves. Who is to stop USA from another Hiroshima a Vietnam or Iraq? Or Japan from the next Pearl Harbour or Germany with another Hitler to march on to Europe.

With the 7 billionth child being born, we must also think and find the sources to feed the world now and as soon as possible as we reach 10 billion on the 22nd century.

I believe that soon, the way we use and waste the natural sources that God created and gave us, we will run out of them.

I also believe that before the wars of the second half of the 21st century begin for food, water and other natural sources that are necessary for human growth, and grow properly in physical and spiritual ways, we must devote our minds to look for and find the true peace.

My last thought is that, since the beginning, and the first word “LOVE” was created in the human mind, every word that was created was created from and after the word Love.

I believe that if we use the word LOVE, to each other more than we do, and love each other more than we do, we will create a better world for this 7billionth child and more to come.

So, get to your cell phone, your PC, laptop, iPad, Netbook, and tell your wife or husband or daughter or son, a friend, neighbor, your dog or anyone that you know, that YOU LOVE THEM..

And on that thought I say to you all “I LOVE YOU”.

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