“plat (people’s liberation army of turkey), founded by hüseyin inan, yusuf aslan, sinan cemgil, deniz gezmiş and cihan alptekin, was a national democrat revolutionary political organisation independent from all communist parties.

main thesis of plat were
i) revolution with the goal of completely independent and truly democratic turkey would be realised through a struggle based on rural areas and force policy under the command of national front understanding;
ii) people’s war should be carried on the alliance of proletariat-peasantry-petty bourgeoisie;
iii) two basic organisations of people’s war should be counted as the proletariat party and people’s army;
iv) these two organisations would be build in the war period based on the mass participation;
v) plat was a unique organisation performing the functions of these two organisations at the time being.

plat, making the decision that it became impossible to carry on the struggle for independence and democracy staying on the legal basis and depending on peaceful methods of struggle as it was since 1965, went to action.

plat, which changed the agenda of turkey by its actions, collapsed after the murder of sinan cemgil, kadir manga, alpaslan özdoğan at nurhak; cihan alptekin and omer ayna at kizildere; execution of deniz gezmiş, yusuf aslan and hüseyin inan.

those benefiting from the amnesty in 1974 and those that were already outside constituted a temporary central committee. this tcc speedily alienated the thesis of the organisation and even the constitutors differentiated between themselves. one group developed policies advocating cpc-lpa (later only lpa) and founded the revolutionary communist party of turkey (rcpt); another group having the tendency to cpsu founded the communist labour party of turkey (clpt). those who were devoted to the thesis of the organisation could only manage to constitute independent small groups under the name the path of turkey’s revolution (ptr).

• people’s liberation army of turkey (plat)/ turkiye halk kurtulus ordusu (thko)
• revolutionary communist parti of turkey (rcpt) = türkiye devrimci komünist partisi (tdkp)
• communist labour party of turkey (clpt) = türkiye komünist emek partisi (tkep)
• the path of turkey’s revolution (ptr) = türkiye devriminin yolu (tdy)
• communist party of china (cpc) = çin komünist partisi (çkp)
• labour party of albania (lpa) = arnavutluk emek partisi (aep)
• communist party of the soviet union (cpsu) = sovyetler birliği komünist partisi (sbkp)