Deciphering the Thoughts of the New President of the United States

fidel castro ruz

fidelcastroruzreflections by comrade fidel – january 29, 2009 6:17 p.m.
deciphering the thoughts of the new president of the united states

it is not too difficult. after taking office, barack obama said that the decision to return the territory occupied by the guantánamo naval base to its legitimate owner requires weighing up the extent to which the defensive capacity of the united states would be or not in the least affected.

soon after that he added, with regards to the return of the territory occupied by the base to cuba, that he would first consider under which concessions cuba would accept that solution, which would be tantamount to demanding a change in its political system, a price against which cuba has been struggling for half a century.

to keep a military base in cuba against the will of our people is a violation of the most elemental principles of international law. the us president has the faculty of abiding by that rule without exacting any condition whatsoever. non compliance with it would be an act of arrogance and an abuse of his immense power against a small country.

for a better understanding of the abusive character of the power of the empire, please consider the statements published by the us government’s official website on january 22, 2009, after barack obama took up his post. biden and obama have decided to resolutely support the relationship between the united states and israel, and believe that the irrefutable commitment in the middle east should be the security of israel, the main us ally in the region.

the united states will never distance itself from israel, and its president and vice president “firmly believe in the right of israel to protect its citizens”, as was stated in the declaration of principles which takes up again in those aspects the policy followed by the government of george w. bush, obama’s predecessor.

this is the way in which our friend obama shares the genocide against palestinians. similar sweeteners have been offered to russia, china, europe, latin america and the rest of the world, after the united states turned israel into a major nuclear power which absorbs every year a significant share of the empire’s booming military industry exports, with which they threaten, with
extreme violence, the population of all muslim countries.

similar examples abound; there is no need to become a fortune teller. for further illustration, please read the statements made by the new chief of the pentagon, an expert in war affairs.

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