Today, thousands of football fans came together in Istiklal Street in order to protest the latest e-ticket application of AKP government. According to this new regulation, football fans, who wish to watch football games in the stadium, are obliged to buy e-ticket called “Passolig”. Fans are resisting this new regulation because by using e-ticket, police and government will easily take record of every fan. All the personal information of fans will be collected by police.

Furthermore, this e-ticket is sold by Aktif Bank. Aktif Bank is owned by the son-in-law of Prime Minister Erdoğan! Aktif Bank will earn millions of dollars thanks to this new regulation! This e-ticket is obligatory whether you watch one game in the whole season or you watch all the games. Besides, you must pay some money to buy this card even if you never use it. So, Aktif Bank will earn unbelievable amounts of money without doing anything.

Football fans wanted to protest e-ticket today but police attacked them with pepper gas and water cannons. Furthermore, some fans have been detained by the police forces.

Source: Revolution News